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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  September 9, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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speak, it is soupy out there. >> i'm right there with you. i was just spraying myself down, but trust me, it is growing. >> you have to do what you have to do on a day like today, no doubt about it. it is that same warm sticky feeling that we have grown accustomed to. we can see temperatures go up to 90 degrees, everybody, heat wave number six if we make it to 90. we will need to keep an eye on on a few things. air quality is good. pollen level high. uv index high and heat index is what i want everyone to focus on today because we have humidity going on, air is nice and thick and it means it will feel very warm, warmer than numbers may indicate. be aware of that. looking at storm scan three, skies are clear now but off to the west is stormy wet's head of the cold front tracking toward us. that will cool us down but will bring us some rain. seventy-five in philadelphia. seventy-six in atlantic city. 66 degrees in mount pocono. cooler there.
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we will see these temperatures change, keep in mind our average high 81 degrees. by the time it is said and done we will get down there. you can see arc starts on the way down the hill as we get wednesday into thursday but still another scorcher on tap today, it looks like the wrong graphic there, if you can come back to me. we have another scorcher today, 90-degree highs. storms kicking off in ernest tomorrow. we could see stray thunder storm or two tonight but really tomorrow we will see bulk of the rain. so for right now we are talking about heat, steamy and sticky, now over to meisha, how are road doing. >> road are looking good. still early, still dark, many just waking up with us. good morning. welcome back. kid are back to school. we are heading back to work. we were yesterday. i know i sure was. here's where we had morning construction cleared on the roosevelt boulevard southbound near kelly drive and approaching the schuylkill. once you get on the schuykill around city avenue everything lyings g still very quiet.
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ben franklin bridge we had had construction coming from new jersey into center city block ago this right lane. now that construction switched to the other side moving in the eastbound direction toward new jersey. that far right lane. you have lost right lane moving toward new jersey. that is expect to clear in november and we will let you know when it does. this is another area where we had construction. forty-two freeway north bound at creek road approaching 295. i cannot see in this camera but good indication that is new cleared. forty-two freeway from new jersey looking nice, and mass transit for you new septa and patco schedules. check your local listings most definitely nicole, over to you. seventeen days until pope francis arrives, two of the hottest tickets in town are up for grabs. >> justin finch joins us on the ben franklin parkway where pope will celebrate mass on the 27th just weeks away now, good morning. >> reporter: erika and good morning, you are looking to get your hand on papal event tickets no, that is a a
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competition will be steep. some 20,000 tickets will be up for grabs starting to day and if yesterday is any indication those tickets could all be gone in just a matter of seconds. let get to video, today you have two chances to get those tickets. world meeting of families is rolling out first stint of on line passes for festival of families at 4:00 p.m. those are 10,000 passes set for that. then another 10,000 passes rolled out at 8:00 for sunday papal mass. these ticket will be distributed the world meeting web site. one person is eligible for up to four passes. but be fast with those fingers. the the cities believed to have hosted nearly 400,000 visitors just yesterday with the world meeting of families rolling out first 10,000 free tickets to the pope's independent hallmarks. that give away opened up at noon and passes were gone, in just two minutes after that. they then popped up for sale soon after, some for as much
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as hundreds of dollars all by scalpers and with crowd looking for these tickets some are looking for a pass out of town. >> a lot of people are talking bit. we're mostly concern about getting class, professors are saying we are not canceling classes, you are still expect to be here but they are setting up roadblocks days in advance in new jersey. i willie get over here. >> reporter: let's say you don't get your hand on any set of tickets, you might be down on the parkway just beyond the 20th street cut off. if you are pack here somewhere else there will be 40 jumbo tron is available airing these papal events live but you do have two chances to get your hand on these ticket here at 4:00 p.m. festival of family will roll out at 8:00 and sunday mass. be fast with those fingers and log on at 4:00 and 8:00 p.m. sharp. erika and nicole, back to you. >> hopefully nothing crashes. >> it could be a nightmare.
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whether you are in town for papal visit or not plenty of souvenirs are available. is there a ribbon cutting ceremony for the grand opening of the official world meeting of families american shop. it is this morning at 10:00 o'clock in the lobby of the aramark tour at 11th and market. store carry coffee mugs, hat, all the way to faith based items. stay with "eyewitness news" as philadelphia gets ready for pope francis trip to philadelphia everything you need to necessity, is available on line at cbs right now it is 5:05. linda westin, woman charged with murder and or crimes in the 201125 coney basement of horrors case is expect to change her plea in federal court later today. last year westin pleaded not guilty to a 196 count indictment. it alleged that she and others kidnaped mentally disable adults and then enslaved them to steel government benefit checks. their polite came to light
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when four captives were discovered chained in the tacony apartment basement four years ago. friend and family will gather to remember slain new jersey state trooper carlos negron. he was killed during a shoot-out in may of 1984. this morning a street in hamilton township mercer county will be rename in his honor. officials are trying to determine what caused this british airways jet evening continue on erupt into flames during take off in las vegas on tuesday. in one was seriously hurt but as andrew spencer reports the incident was a powerful test of air travel emergency readiness. >> reporter: passengers heard a loud thud just before take off. >> i opened up the cover of my window and flames from the engine. >> reporter: flight 2267 bound for london never made it off the ground in las vegas. pilot spotting flames and aborting the take off. passenger on another jet recorded this video as he watched the drama unfold.
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>> i watched the one engine of the aircraft involved in the flames and black smoke had just coming from the aircraft. >> reporter: as travelers looked on in horror, crew evacuated the site. >> we heard captain say emergency evacuate. >> reporter: emergency shoot deployed, passengers ran to the ground. >> it looked like people came out at once. >> reporter: emergency crew where is on site in 90 seconds but larger fire trucks responding shortly after that. >> at 44:00 fire fighters were at the the aircraft dousing the fire and evacuating the passengers. >> ununaudible. >> pretty scary. >> reporter: andrew spencer, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thank goodness they found that before they got in the air. >> it makes you wonder will everything be okay good still safer than driving. >> yes good 5:07. officialnesstie land offer more details on the deadly
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bomb blast. changing face ovulate night if you didn't stay up for colbert last night we will show you what you missed on the day buy show. serena and feign us williams face off in the u.s. open. we will look at this unique match upcoming up in sports. >> ♪ >> not the nicest day for new jersey's own bon jovi, apparently the rocker was scheduled to perform two shows in china next week but we are toll the government pulled the plug, so come on. >> on bon jovi. >> in the sure why but we will have details coming up next, stay with us.
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by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] look at those smiling faces, eager to take on a new school year. thank everybody for sending us back to school picture at hashtag cb. 36789 i love seeing kid in their first day outfits. yesterday was a big day for so many families good cool kid
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with the one sided backpack. >> yes, um-hmm. >> and the sign, first day of school. >> i had my knee high socks slouched down when my mom couldn't see me. >> 5:12. late show with stephen colbert premiered with the jammed pack audience. >> extra long addition lived up to the hype, a lot of people still talking about it on twitter, trending topic, lets take a look. >> you know that is a good sign chanting his name. audience members waited for hours in 90 plus degree temperatures for chance to see the show inside the new ed sullivan theater. colbert arrived early as first guest george clooney and republican presidential can jeb bushy. >> my hand are so sore. >> it was great. >> now, fan reactions, any indication, late show with
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steven albert was a hit, we are calling it now one day in. jan colbert will have in more in about 30 minutes. >> i love the twirling interview. >> i love that commercial with the twirling. >> i look forward to that. good morning, kyla. >> i'm's swirling over there if you didn't see me. always a good twirl. to take twirl to generate some wind because it will be a hot one, yet again, and listen, lets talk about yesterday. look at this, reading hit 95. philly 94. we had two record there georgetown at 92. mount pocono look at you 88 degrees yesterday. that is where we were yesterday, so today we are looking at yet again a 90-degree day. storm scan three shows we are nice and clear but as we zoom out you will see what is coming our way, stormy weather ahead of the cold front. this is good for two reasons. it will knock heat out of the way. number two we need some rain. it has been a while since we have seen rain.
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seventy-five in philadelphia. seventy-six in atlantic city. seventy-one in reading. the mount pocono much cooler, at 67 degrees. this tells the the story when we look at the region and see 70's across the northeast. everybody look at new york city, 77 degrees. as this cold front tracks, we will see stormy weather across. we could see stray showers and thunderstorm and tomorrow afternoon at three or 4:00 o'clock time frame when things get to be the bulk of the rain. once it passes us by much better and clear skies. rain chance at 20 percent today and 90 percent on thursday and rolling toward weekend we don't have much worries with the rain. this is what we're talking about. most spots an inch or less. we could see pockets of two to 3 inches and localized flooding tomorrow afternoon and evening. i want to mention we have tropical depression number eight. this will not affect us but we want to keep an eye on it because it could affect our
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surf and bring in some win. we will keep an eye on that expect to be a tropical storm but no major impact on our weather. 90 degrees today, stray then are storm possible overnight tonight, 72 degrees. the scattered shower or then are storm possibility is out there. look at the difference in temperatures from the 90 today to high of 83 tomorrow. the once that stormy weather passes us by, meisha we have 70's sunday and monday as our high. it is in the 70's right now. >> that is crazy to look at 90 and in a few days be in the 70's. we will miss you, right. >> right. >> here's the schuylkill eastbound approaching girard avenue. nice, quiet we are in the 5:00 . this is how it should look. i will let you in that he yesterday was fairly busy, every within hitting the street, those kid off to school so enjoy this while you have this. if you are thinking of leaving your homes, you are in good company. plymouth meeting bleigh route southbound, look at this, and i'll back out of the way so you can see looking nice and
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quiet on the blue route or anywhere i look on that stretch looking good. ben franklin bridge for those coming from new jersey into center city you are enjoying that opened right hain that was block for so long but that construction a has moved to the other side. moving in the eastbound direction toward new jersey, just make note of that around 6:00 in the morning. erika, back over to you. we have new details this morning on the deadly bomb blast in bangkok. thai police say key suspect admitted giving the bomber a backpack filled with explosives. that man was before cameras today in the yellow shirt. authorities are still searching for the bomb shore remains at large. twenty people were kill in the a attack on august 17th. minnesota dentist who killed cecil the lion spark global outrage. he now returns to work protesters shouted as walter palmer headed back to work yesterday. he temporarily closed his practice after that incident.
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hunter who helped palmer kill the rare lion has been charge but palmer has in the been charged with any crime. 5:17. time for your philadelphia jobs market report. >> here is cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger. >> reporter: heading back to school might not just be for kid. career in education offer flexibility and growth many people seek in the job but jumping in the full-fledged teaching position isn't easy. good place to guinness asiana cysttent. teachers have the the responsibility for the design, implementation of educational programs, a assistant perform duties that are instructional in nature or deliver direct services to students. educational requirements vary by school district and position but in many areas you will need at least an associates degree. teacher assistant here in philadelphia earn a mean annual wage of $26,000 which is less than half of what a teacher earns. but many assistants work part-time and willing to for
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go higher pay nerd to determine if the profession is right for them. often high demand for teachers assistant at public, elementary or secondary schools but many day care services are also seeking to fill openings. i'm jill schlesinger for
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the eagles kick off the 2015 season this monday night in prime time in atlanta, over the weekend though the eagles took fans by surprise when they cut quarterback tim tebow. tebow's battle with matt barclay for third string quarterback job was one of the main story lines in training camp. in an "eyewitness news" exclusive, our leslie van arsdal caught up with tebow before his release and talk about everything like life without football. >> what do you think you would be doing if you weren't playing football. >> right now i would be with
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my sec nation, sec network and they will crush it, but i'm glad i had an opportunity to play in awesome places. these fans that come out and they support, and they cheer, you know, that is awesome. >> such a nice guy. sad to see him go. last night eagles linebacker connor barwin and sixers hall of famer charles barkley talk about getting positive things done in the city of philadelphia it was opening night of the new speaker series at presbyterian church. it is phillies have a loss tonight ape phillies will be eliminated from the divisional pennant race. last night was a good night, right-hand error on nola struck out seven over seven shut out innings and there is a a reason for optimism. he is doing well. outfielder odougal herrera hit a home run and phillies beat the braves five to nothing. talking hockey, september talking hockey.
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hockey season is coming whether it is hot outside or not. the yesterday crews painted the ice at the the wells fargo center to get ready. flyers start training camp next week, first game is a at the the well, preseason match up with the rangers, less than two weeks away. over to soccer where team u.s.a. faces questions ahead of next month's confederation cup play a offs with in mexico. last night brazil beat members four-one in an exhibition game in facts bureau, massachusetts. brazil yans jump out to a four to nothing lead before danny williams scored in the 90th minute. world cup qualifying starts in november. 5:23. serena williams approaching history books. >> serena could be the the first player in 27 years to win all four titles in a single season. wendy gilette shows us serena had to battle her sister serena to get to the next step. >> reporter: serena and venous williams warmly hugged after a hard hitting match on a steamy
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summer evening in new york city. serena won in three sets taking her into the u.s. open women's semi finals and another bid closer to a calendar year grand slam. >> we are very, very tough competitors on the court but, you know, when the match is over and the the second it is done, we're sisters, we're roommates, and we're all good. >> reporter: number one seed has faced her older sister venous 27 times, five of them at the u.s. open. serena has won 16 of the 27 matches. >> of course, wonderful game but she has the a ability to come up with a great shot when she need it. >> reporter: first williams match up was exactly 14 years ago from tuesday night, several years before, they were already anticipating high level competition. >> you want to be the best that you want to do in your own sport and you have to prepare for this type of attention. >> they both got plenty on
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have that these days. well known faces filled arthur ash stadium including oprah winfrey, donald trump and kim kardashian. they may be back for the finals but first serena has to beat out eye 258 yan, in the semi finals on thursday, wendy gilette for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". they have some serious game. they do. >> you see so much love. >> yes. >> they are family. >> you oner, do they really, are they happy for each other, does it make it easier because it is your sister or harder tough to know, i don't know. did you watch the new late show with stephen colbert, we have highlights for you. and also an "eyewitness news" update more photos, of bed bugs on buses, yeah, they are popping up on line, we are hearing from septa officials, kyla. >> i don't like that. >> one more day of the 90-degree heat could mean our sixth heat wave, are you
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ready? we have got details coming up. here's hoping it the is last one. meisha has latest on your morning commute heading out the door and heading back to school, we will be right back.
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good morning to you, today, wednesday, september 9th i'm nicole
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brewer. i'm erika von tiehl. we have new accusations in the disturbing case we are hearing an assistant coach may have encouraged those two football players to target that referee during a high school football game. we have an update. we have been watching this video last couple days and disturbing to see that they could have been encourage. >> ridiculous. >> yes. >> unlike our forecast, with kyla. >> vibrant, another 90-degree day to day are you ready for this, everybody? ready or not, here it comes. this could be heat wave number six. the hits just keep on coming. good news it will cool us down as we head toward the weekend. we are looking live at neighborhood network. we are looking at philadelphia from the palmyra grove nature park in new jersey. it is hot, sticky, hazy out there. you cannot see perfectly clear as you cannon some mornings because we have so much humidity. we need rain. we have been dry since august 1st we have had a nasty
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rape fall deficit of 3.5 inches. no measurable rain since august 20th, so to say we are due for some rain is an under statement. looking at storm scan three we can see no rain but looking off to the west we will see stormy weather here rolling through starting to get to the ohio valley that is the stormy wet's head of the cold front that will not only bring us rain but knock this heat out. keep in mind in the mid 70's. seventy-five in philadelphia. seventy-six atlantic city. seventy-two in reading. it is 70's at this hour of the day. we have been set to roll up to 90 degrees. you can see a stray then are storm or two tonight, bulk of the rain coming tomorrow. within more scorcher and then we cool down as we get into thursday. interesting thing is, we will see temperatures start to roll role down as well. while looking at 90's today and 70's new we could see highs in the 70's this weekend. just crazy looking


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